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Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming registered parishioners here at Saint Mary's Church. We are home to thousands of families who are looking to start and/or continue their faith journey here at Saint Mary's Church. We hope that we may assist you in any way to make this your parish home and to make you feel like you are part of our parish community.

There are two ways to become registered parishioners here at Saint Mary's Church. You may simply come in and fill out a parish registration form. Or you can download and print one out and come into our Parish Office to submit it.

After submitting your parish registration form, please allow 7-10 business days for the information to be processed. You will then receive a welcome letter with your very own parish number stated in the letter.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have submitted a Registration Form for your family, you do not need to re-register. If you are unsure of your parishioner ID number or would like to confirm your registration with the parish, please contact the parish office.

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