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Music Ministry


Music Ministers serve God and His people through song and Hymns. Music enhances liturgy, heightening those assembled to express their gift of faith. Those involved in music ministry support and encourage all parishioners and members of the community to share our belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, centered on worship and participation in the celebration of the Eucharist.


We strive to lead the congregation in song, to have those fully immerse themselves in the liturgy by singing songs, acclamations, psalms, and hymns which hinge on both traditional and contemporary genres.

We welcome adults, youth, and children to participate in our ministry with music recognizing that performing musically is an important part of many people’s spiritual and worship life.

For more information please contact:

RG Porciuncula

Music & Liturgy Coordinator at 619-947-1283

Piano Note

Choir Organizations


Folk Choir

5:00 PM Vigil

(Alternating Saturday)

Directors: Jonathan Tambio

& Carlos Sarmiento


Voices of Mary Choir

5:00 PM Vigil

(Alternating Saturday)

Director: Joey De Jesus

Pebble Beach

Sunrise Choir

7:00 AM (1st & 2nd Sundays)

Director: Derek Embalsado


Resurrection Choir

7:00 AM (3rd & 4th Sunday)

Director: Norma Esendencia

Outline of Mountains

Knights of Columbus Choir

8:30 AM (off 3rd Sunday)

Director: Roger Noriega

Rainbow Waterfall

Chanters Choir

10:00 AM English

(off 4th Sunday)

Director: Chiqui Quintos

Pile of Logs

Esperanza Nueva

10:00 AM Spanish

(off 2nd Sunday)

Director: Tony Zavala

Pink Flower

Esperanza Juvenil

10:00 AM Spanish

(2nd Sunday)

Director: Isidro Igledia

Dandelion Fields

Philtian Choir

11:30 AM (off 4th Sunday)

Directors: Mark Villas &

Jefferson Santos


El Shaddai Choir

11:30 AM (4th Sunday)

Director: Mark Villas &

Miriam Fackler

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Jubilee Choir

Sunday 5:00 PM (off 1st Sunday)

Director: Jocelyn Del Rosario

Hikers in Mountainous Landscape

Children's Choir

1st Sunday 5:00 PM

3rd Sunday 8:30 AM

4th Sunday 10:00 AM English

Directors: Mark Villas &

Madelle Delos Santos


Palabra Encarnada

Misa Carismatica

2nd Monday 6:00 PM

Director: Julio Serrano

Muddy Beach

Daily Mass Choir

Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM

Director: Mhar Vale

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