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Ministers of the Word (Lectors)


Ministers of the Word strive to proclaim the word of God to the people. Practice and commitment are necessary to join this ministry. A good strong clear voice is a must along with a faithful prayer life.  A Minister of the Word requires an understanding of the Scriptures, knowledge of the principles of liturgy, and skill in public reading.  Readers are to be fully initiated (meaning you have received the Sacrament of Confirmation), practicing Catholics whose lives witness to the word which they proclaim. You must be a registered member of Saint Mary's Parish. Please watch this web site for the next training session to be announced soon.

If you are interested in becoming a Minister of the Word, Please contact:

RG Porciuncula

Music & Liturgy Coordinator at (619) 947-1283


Angelita Sanchez

Ministry of the Word Coordinator at (858) 945-7831

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