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Altar Server


Altar Servers are essential members in the mass, much like the Eucharist Ministers, Lectors, Ushers and Choir members. Their presence and attendance is vital to the mass. Altar Servers are the primary assistant of the Priest over the Mass. Therefore, Altar Serving is NOT a minor children’s activity… it is a LITURGICAL MINISTRY. It is a privilege and an important responsibility to undertake and should NOT be taken lightly or for granted.

The word SERVICE is the emphasis in the title “Altar Server.” It is God’s calling to serve Him by serving His people. But when you DO answer the call to serve, it will require a great amount of commitment and sacrifice. And in this case, all service, efforts and activities must include, not just the altar server, but also their parents.

The Minimum Requirements to Become an Altar Server:

  1. They must be Baptized.

  2. They must have already received their First Communion.

  3. The family must be registered in Saint Mary's Parish.

For more information please contact:

RG Porciuncula

Music & Liturgy Coordinator at 619-947-1283

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