Faith Formation

New Students Registration Guidelines:
Parents enrolling new students to religious education classes are asked to complete a registration form. For your convenience you can download and complete the form. After completion of the form, please return it at your earliest convenience by: (1) Mail (see mailing address on the form; (2) drop it in the mail slot of the front door of the parish; (3) place it in the collection box at any Mass in the weekend. Please mark the envelope "RelEd Registration." No child will be denied due to any financial situation. Please register as soon as possible.

​Returning Students Guidelines:
For returning students, you may just send your name to to facilitate enrollment.

For any questions, please call the office (619) 474-1501.

For more information about Spanish Classes, Please see:

Magdalena Zaragoza on Sunday's after the Spanish Mass

Parish Registration Form, Please click here.